Fall | Winter 2015 Downtown Digest

Check out the Fall | Winter 2015 Downtown Digest with the latest news of what's happening in Downtown Albany! 

Pick up a print copy at various Downtown Albany business locations, at the BID office (21 Lodge Street | 1st Floor) or request a copy (put 'Downtown Digest' in the subject line.)

Residential Spaces

111 Pine Street
17 Chapel Street
178 Madison Avenue
23 North Pearl Street
33 Maiden Lane
35 N Pearl Street
52 Columbia Street
83 Beaver Street
374 Broadway
Lena Hart, 518.527.1206
33 N. Pearl Street
60 State Street
Tammy Fredenburg 518-462-7411 | x616
522-524 Broadway
40 Steuben Place
488 Broadway
412 Broadway
140 State Street
4-6 Sheridan Avenue
4-6 Sheridan LLC, 518.368.1585
733 Broadway
370 Broadway
49 Sheridan Avenue
518.371.2410 x26

Living Downtown

Welcome to the GOOD Life in Downtown Albany
We invite you to strut your stuff out on the street. Play your newest songs in the pub next door. Get out and enjoy our many urban parks and the Hudson River. As one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the Capital Region, Downtown boasts an opportunity for exciting urban living.

As the Capital City of New York State, Albany's true personality comes from its network of residents and regional players. Look Up! The newest neighborhood is in Downtown and the residential population is rising. Walk in the footsteps of greatness or just live in their buildings. Many of the buildings that paved the way for past historical figures are now being converted into residential communities.

Cookie cutter apartments don't exist here. Instead, expect reuse of materials, exposed brick, imported countertops and unusual loft layouts - all housed in a piece of unique history in the Capital Region's urban center. Here, you will know your neighbors on the street, have a favorite local watering hole and be recognized by wagging tails.

Downtown sets the stage for excellence and  luxury. Just outside your doorstep, enjoy walking ease and access to over 60 restaurants and pubs, four world-class entertainment venues, historical enrichment centers, a planetarium, art galleries and state and regional museum treasures. Services like the post office, a copy center, hair salons and barbers, dry cleaning, laundromat, gas station, drug store, florist and many other retailers are just a stone throw away.

Growing Investment
With over $30 million in investment since 2002 and approximately 200 market rate residential units now online, we assist residents and Downtown Stakeholders make connections helping them build a community.

Today, there are approximately 158 units underway or likely to be underway in 2014 equating to over $26 million in investment. Collectively, these projects will increase the number of units by 79.5%, continuing the growth of Albany’s newest neighborhood. We expect Downtown’s impressive 97% residential occupancy rate to continue for years to come.

If you are a developer interested in the next Downtown residential conversion or positioning the next big retail enterprise, connect with us today.

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Read more about Downtown living, and past residential projects in our Downtown Living book. More information can be found at the Capitalize Albany website.

Photographer: Luke Bovill www.flickr.com/photos/nycyclist1