Health & Wellness Center

165 S Pearl Street

Root3d is a wellness center that understands that unless you can feel safe in a space, you can’t really show up as your whole self and heal. Founded by Rachelle Pean and Jamel Mosley, this space was created so that we have a place to take off the armor from the outside world and heal in community. We are here to center the liberation, healing, + power of BIPOC by rooting within the 3 dimensions: the mind, body, and spirit.


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Root3d offers workshops, weekly group healing classes and talk therapy groups, and individual sessions.


Our classes are a max of 1 hour and provide an opportunity to heal in community. Classes range from yoga, movement, support circles, and more. Root3d healers facilitate classes virtually and in-person.


Wellness Workshops
Root3d’s workshops are over 1 hour to give you space to connect more deeply with yourself, and learn tools to be in charge of your healing journey. Workshops vary by season and are facilitated virtually and in-person.


Individual Sessions
Our on site therapists and healers offer individual sessions that are customized to your individual needs.


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