Glen Martin Research Associates

Glen Martin Associates is a research and program evaluation consulting firm serving local, regional and state organizations and agencies in New York and New England. They offer a variety of custom services related to the collection, analysis, and reporting of quantitative and qualitative data for program management and improvement. 

Energy Answers International

Energy Answers is an award-winning, international, designer and developer of environmentally sound resource recovery systems. Energy Answers was formed in 1981 with a defined mission to develop integrated solid waste management solutions. Their philosophy and commitment is to reach "zero disposal" by effectively recovering all the resources in the materials now seen as "waste".

Empire Asset Management Group

Empire Asset Management Group strives to keep things simple. Rather than overwhelm clients with complex investment strategies and technical jargon, their caring and enthusiastic ensemble of professionals connects with clients by developing personalized solutions to financial objectives using a simple and efficient approach.

Douglas Ebersman, CPA

Douglas Ebersman is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) specializing in the preparation of Income Tax returns and Income Tax planning for individuals and small businesses. In 1997 he started his own firm in downtown Albany. In addition to working with clients from the Capital District, he has advised and prepared tax returns for individuals and small businesses from all over the United States and abroad.

Deb Best Practices

Deb has more than 25 years of business, change management and human resources leadership experience for Fortune 5, technology, manufacturing, consumer and supply-chain publicly and privately held companies, as well as non-profit, academic and public-sector organizations.

Curran Investment Management

Since 2004, Curran Investment Management has successfully served both individual and institutional clients with highly professional, top-caliber investment management.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab offers wealth management, investment advice, retirement planning, and portfolio management. At their Albany Branch, you’ll find friendly, personalized help from an experienced team. Plus, you’ll have access to expertise, specialists, and insights to help you reach your own specific goals.

Carol L. LeBlanc, CPA

Offering strategic insight for business leaders who may be overwhelmed by financial information, Carol LeBlanc is not only a proven financial manager that can teach strategies for fiscal success but offers coaching to help leaders embrace their true potential through sound money management.

Blue Slate Solutions

Blue Slate lives, breathes, dreams and delivers the power of Business Process Management every day. To Blue Slate, BPM is not simply a tool or a project, it is a broad-reaching paradigm that creates pervasive opportunities throughout your business. They have a deep understanding of that BPM paradigm and a focused desire to make sure clients derive significant value through the correct use of BPM.

Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

Founded in 1980, Advocates for Human Potential (AHP) has built an impressive record of success in leading activities, developing products, and providing services for a broad range of Federal, state, local, and community-based agencies. AHP specializes in changing or improving organizational systems to enable people with disabilities and behavioral health challenges achieve full community integration.