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Aeon Nexus is a national IT company that leverages Microsoft Products and Services to develop Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions for public and private sectors.


Under our CRM umbrella, we provide strategic consulting, business intelligence, data migration, systems integration, managed services and web portals.


Aeon Nexus Corporation is a GSA Schedule 70 holder, certified minority-owned and small disadvantaged business, experienced in providing public and private sector clients with superior software solutions. Our expertise in IT consulting and customer service has made Aeon Nexus a valuable asset to our clients in the commercial and federal sectors since 2000. Originally headquartered in Washington, DC, Aeon Nexus Corporation has moved to Albany, NY, along with resources working on both the East and West coasts of the United States.

As a premiere integrator of IT solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to solve our clients’ most challenging problems, regardless of the specific platform. Our in-depth understanding of multiple applications and technologies uniquely positions us to deliver exceptional results, specifically in circumstances where the deployed solution requires integration with multiple IT systems, databases, and infrastructure (e.g. on premise or cloud). Our goal is to identify and deliver the solution that best meets our clients’ needs. Our extensive experience with both the private and public sectors provides us with a unique perspective for translating best practices, regardless of their origin, so that they can be incorporated and successful under the realities, opportunities, and constraints of the government environment. Having successfully delivered on assignments at all levels of government including international, federal, state, and local, we have the ability to scale and drive success for public sector clients of all sizes.