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112 State St., Room 1300


The Department of General Services increases efficiency and cost effectiveness, streamlines operations and maximizes existing County resources by providing centralized, coordinated services to other departments of County government. These services include space management, real property leasing, building maintenance, security, communications systems support, vehicle fleet management, acquisition of goods and services, and design, engineering and project management.


The Commissioner of General Services is appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the Legislature. The Department is composed of four divisions: General Services Administration; Division of Building Services; Division of Plans and Projects; and the Division of Purchasing.

General Services Administration

Directed by the Commissioner of General Services, general services administration is responsible for direct oversight of the Offices of Fleet Management, Printing and Central Supply, space management, the leasing of real property and operation of the County’s telephone and mail systems. General Services Administration also coordinates activities of the Department’s other divisions and provides them with budgetary support and control as necessary.

Division of Building Services

The Division of Building Services is directed by the Commissioner of General Services. This division provides building maintenance, operations and security services to all County facilities with the exception of the County Correctional Facility, the Albany County Nursing Home and the Ann Lee Home.

Division of Plans and Projects

Directed by the Deputy Commissioner for Plans and Projects, the Division of Plans and Projects provides design, engineering and project management services to County agencies as required.

Division of Purchasing

Directed by the County Purchasing Agent, the Purchasing Division is responsible for the purchase of materials, supplies, and services for all Albany County Departments. The main objective here is obtaining the best quality products and services for the best price, and in a timely manner. Learn how to do business with Albany County and to review a list of Bids and RFPs.