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The Office of the Albany County District Attorney is committed to keeping our communities safe.  We work closely with many local and state agencies to ensure our citizens are able to get the help they need when they need it.

About the DA:

P. David Soares was first elected Albany County District Attorney on November 2, 2004.  He is now serving his fourth term as District Attorney in Albany County.


At an early age, David's parents instilled in him the value of family, education, hard work, and active participation within a strong community. Although David grew up in a rough neighborhood, loving friends and a strong community surrounded him. Neighbors kept an eye on one another's children and were quick to lend a hand. This upbringing encouraged David to believe in the goodness and potential of all people if given the proper guidance. His parents' emphasis on education provided a solid motivation for David's future goals in life.


Having handled thousands of cases in Albany County City Courts as an Assistant District Attorney, David witnessed the failings of the criminal justices system first hand.  In 2004, David sought office to ensure Justice for Albany County residents and on January, 1 2005, David realized his goal of becoming Albany County District Attorney. Since taking office, David has continued to devote his energy to bringing "One Standard of Justice" to Albany County. He remains committed to leading an office that is Tough on Crime and Smart on Prevention by:


        •   Reducing street violence through creative, non-traditional means; 
        •   Building hope for the people of Albany County by restoring communities; 
        •   Dealing with the crisis of re-entry; and 
        •   Emphasizing prevention over prosecution.