153 S Pearl Street


The Capital Region Community Investment Trust (CIT) strengthens communities by empowering local residents to purchase real estate in their own neighborhood and work together to determine the highest and best use of that property. Through collaboration, local residents are able to turn their affordable investment shares, $10 to $100 monthly, into big buying power and real change!

The Community Investment Trust is an innovative investment model designed to be an on-ramp to financial inclusion. With the goal of helping all residents participate in and benefit from their community’s economic prosperity, the CIT provides local residents with a low-dollar, tangible, and safe opportunity to collectively own a piece of a thriving commercial real estate property in their own neighborhood.

The Capital Region CIT is a partnership between the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region and the Community Economic Development Clinic at the Albany Law School. The partnership also relies on assistance from the University at Albany Geographic Information Systems program, and the Siena Project Incubator (SpIN) at Siena College.