136 State Street


The idea behind Motor Oil Coffee came from, well, almost motor oil itself!

Our co-founder Joe was sent to car shows across the country on behalf of a client – and no matter if it was Pebble Beach, Kissimmee, New York City, or hell, Stillwater in Upstate New York and it made no difference if a car sold for $1 million or $1,000, the guys each morning setting up the show would say the same joke while tasting their first sips of coffee.

“Haha, this tastes like motor oil.”

And this was not a new joke, but they would all laugh the same. Joe kept on hearing this and said, “you know this would be a great brand name for a coffee.” (In a past life, Joe co-owned a coffee shop, so was familiar with the business of java). Best of all: no one owned the mark.

Joe thought maybe, just maybe, he could tinker with a wholesale brand sold online. He spoke to his primary business partner Rich, who at first wasn’t sold but came around to the idea.

And before long, Motor Oil Coffee was born.