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New York Planning Federation is a statewide, membership supported not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1937 to promote sound planning, land use and zoning practice in New York State which fosters orderly growth and development balanced with the protection of natural resources.The NYPF partnership based extends from local and state government to professional organizations that provides resources and forums for the exchange of experience and ideas in the realm of land use.


NYPF is recognized as the only statewide organization that emphasizes the proper training of planning board and ZBA members. In addition to basic educational sessions, we can also provide customized on-site programs dealing with issues of concern to your community.


The staff and board members at NYPF understands the land use and zoning issues facing planning and zoning boards and can help provide them with valuable assistance and information. They also provide workshops and training programs at both regional and state-wide levels for both novice and experienced planners.


Become a member today to take advantage of the many resources that NYPF offers!