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New York State Homes and Community Renewal develops, preserves and protects affordable housing and invests in economically vibrant communities. We work with many private, public and nonprofit partners to create safe, healthy and affordable housing opportunities for all New Yorkers.

HCR is charged with carrying out Governor Cuomo’s 5-year, $20 billion Homelessness and Housing Plan to create or preserve more than 100,000 affordable homes and 6,000 supportive homes for New Yorkers.

  • Multifamily Housing
    Financing the new construction and preservation of affordable multifamily rental housing using tax-exempt and taxable bonds, State and Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits, and loan programs that support our housing priorities.
  • Homeownership
    HCR's State of New York Mortgage Agency (SONYMA), provides financing and programs designed for first-time and low-income homebuyers.  SONYMA also manages programs to help homeowners with critical repairs, accessibility, weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Community Revitalization
    HCR invests in strong communities through State and Federal grants to municipalities and nonprofits that increase affordable housing opportunities, develop small businesses, build community facilities, and repair or improve infrastructure.
  • Rent Regulation and Tenant Protection
    In New York City and adjacent counties, HCR enforces the State’s Rent Regulation Laws through our Office of Rent Administration and protects the rights of tenants facing landlord harassment or rent overcharges through the Tenant Protection Unit.  
  • Fair Housing
    HCR ensures that all of the investments we make in every community adhere to the law and provide fair housing opportunity for all New Yorkers.