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The New York State Police Investigators Association (NYSPIA) is comprised of 1200 active members. NYSPIA represents Senior Investigators and Investigators within the Bureau of Criminal Investigation of the New York State Police. NYSPIA's Board of Directors is comprised of an Executive Board (President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer) along with 10 Troop Delegates.


A key component of NYSPIA is its Board of Directors in which all positions are voted upon by the membership and any member of NYSPIA in good standing is eligible to run for President, Secretary/Treasurer or Troop Delegate.


NYSPIA Troop Delegates are responsible for the day to day representation of their troop members. Troop Delegates assist their members in representation during any administrative investigation, disciplinary actions or critical incidents. Troop Delegates also insure any information distributed by NYSPIA is relayed to their respective troop membership. Each Troop Delegate has a NYSPIA troop checking account to be used for discretionary funds for various troop expenses, charitable contributions, etc. In accordance with NYSPIA’s constitution, open elections are held for all positions and the length of term for each election is 3 years. To insure statewide representation, each troop elects its own Troop Delegate to the NYSPIA Board and the Executive Board offices of President, Vice President and Secretary Treasurer are voted on by the entire statewide membership. NYSPIA conducts 10 board meetings throughout the year and each meeting is considered a "traveling board meeting" where each Troop Delegate has the opportunity to have a board meeting held within their region. NYSPIA board meetings are open to the entire membership and additional meetings may be scheduled at the request of the Executive Board. NYSPIA has an office centrally located in Albany where all files and records are maintained. The NYSPIA office is utilized by the officers of the organization and is staffed by an office administrator.