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46 State Street


Co-owned by sisters Christina and Crystal Mallett, services available at STUDIO23 include manicures, pedicures, natural nail care, acrylic, gel, dip powder nail sets, custom press on sets, haircuts for men and women, color services, natural hairstyling and haircare, protective styles, wig making and installation, and hair extensions including braided weaves, glue, fusion, and tape-ins.


STUDIO23’s name comes from the sisters’ birth order, what those numbers represent, and a beloved Bible scripture. Christina, 28, is the second child of the family, with the number two symbolizing balance, duality, and love; Crystal, 27, is the third born, with the number three symbolizing optimism, creativity, and manifestation; and Psalm 23 “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” all came together to serve as a reminder to themselves and their clients to pursue the things you love.


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