Where to find mocktails in Downtown

Get ready to sip on some seriously tasty mocktails that'll quench your thirst and tantalize your taste buds! Downtown bars and restaurants are shaking and stirring their way to mocktail heaven, offering up the perfect blend of flavors that truly capture your spirit (without the actual spirits, of course).

677 Prime
Mocktails include: 

  • Dragon's Breath Spicy Lime (watermelon, lychee, mint, fresh lime, club soda)
  • Oh Rickey Pear Spritz (club soda, raspberry simple syrup, fresh lime)
  • Bramble Berry Basil Lemonade Tea Time (mixed berry purée, basil, fresh lemon)

Cafe Capriccio
Mocktails include:

  • Spicy Lime (hot peppers, fresh lime, simple syrup, soda)
  • Pear Spritz (pear puree, lemon, club soda)
  • Tea Time (iced earl grey tea, fresh lemon, local honey)


    dp: An American Brasserie & Yono's Restaurant

    Mocktails include:

    • "Faux"-jito (muddled fresh mint and lime, with ginger ale)
    • Coco Colada (cream of coconut and pineapple juice, orange twist, served up)
    • N/Argarita (jalapeno, lime juice, Gewürztraminer grape juice, salted rim)


    The City Beer Hall
    Mocktails include:

    • N/A Cranberry Mint Martini (muddled mint and orange, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, cranberry juice, lemon wedge)
    • N/A Peach Mule (peach puree, fresh lime juice, fresh ginger, n/a ginger beer, soda water, lime wedge)
    • N/A Spicy Jalapeno Margarita (muddled jalapeno and orange, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, soda water, jalapeno wheel)


    The Hollow Bar + Kitchen
    Mocktails include: 

    • Sour Puss (seedlip grove 42, fever tree sparkling grapefruit soda, agave muddled lime)
    • Mule Minus the Moscow (seedlip spice 94, fever tree ginger beer, muddled orange + mint)

    The Olde English Pub
    Mocktails include:

    • The Olivia (berry syrup, grapefruit, club soda, lemon)
    • Birds of Paradise (non-alcoholic spirits, pineapple, demerara, lime)


    The War Room Tavern
    Mocktails include:

    • Springtime Surprise (peach nectar, simple syrup, lemon juice, grenadine)
    • Paradise Punch (pineapple juice, ginger beer, grenadine)


    The Yard: Hatchet House & Bar
    Mocktails include:

    • Raspberry Nojito (muddled raspberries with mint and basil, fresh lime juice, ginger beer)
    • Marrakesh "Mule" (Moroccan mint tea, pomegranate molasses, fresh lime juice, ginger beer)
    • Hibiscus Lemon Drop (muddled blackberries with hibiscus syrup and lemon, topped with lemonade, garnished with lemon wheel)


    Mocktails include: 

    • Strawberry Basil Virgin Mule (house-made strawberry basil shrub, ginger ale, fresh lime juice)
    • Grapefruit Spritzer (house-made grapefruit rosemary syrup, fresh lime juice, lemon lime soda)