"Downtown is Pawsome" Holiday Scavenger Hunt

From December 12 through December 23, the Downtown Albany BID will be hiding limited edition "Downtown is Pawsome" ornaments throughout downtown Albany.

Each day, ornaments will be hidden in businesses, parks, and public places throughout downtown Albany. The ornaments feature artwork from four of the sculptures included in the BID's popular "Downtown is Pawsome" public art exhibit.

Scavenger hunt clues:

  • Friday, December 23: If you're feeling a bit hollow because you still haven't found an ornament, don't despair! We made sure we put a latte of ornaments out there on our final day of hiding for those of you refuse to bow-wow out of the hunt!
  • Thursday, December 22: Are you developing an obsession for ornament hunting? It can make you feel like James Bahnd when you finally track one down after pine-ing after it for so long.
  • Wednesday, December 21: We just got back from hiding ornaments, so time to stART your hunt and grab a slice of holiday joy. Don't forget to check out some Downtown businesses for last minute shopping!
  • Tuesday, December 20: The holidays can make you feel like your head is spinning when it seems like you're busy 23 hours a day, so remember to stop and take in some of Downtown's magical sights and scenery!
  • Monday, December 19: You don't have to go out searching far and wide for needles in haystacks if you want to loch down one of these ornaments. Just stroll around your favorite Downtown parks, businesses, and public places!
  • Sunday, December 18: The snow really crêped up on us this year, but we love to see a fresh coating on Downtown's parks. So, look closely when you're strolling through them!
  • Saturday, December 17: Some of Downtown's historic buildings were built almost three centuries ago! We might have left an ornament in one of these beautiful olde sites, so look closely, like you're searching for a four-leafed clover!
  • Friday, December 16: Deck the halls, but search around them for hidden ornaments first! You might need a second hand to hold all your treasure!
  • Thursday, December 15: Downtown is one of Albany's most unieke neighborhoods, you'll want to plant yourself here, and enjoy being near so many great restaurants, shops, services, venues, and attractions!
  • Wednesday, December 14: Donut make you want to jump up and down with "clee" when you're lucky enough to find an ornament?
  • Tuesday, December 13: Discovering a hidden ornament is like finding a pearl in an oyster, or a diamond in the ruff.
  • Monday, December 12: We’re not at liberty to say exactly where we hid all of the ornaments, but keep your eyes peeled as you make your maiden voyage on this scavenger hunt, and don’t forget to look skyward! 

Residents, employees and visitors who find an ornament may take it home with them as a souvenir. The BID encourages everyone who finds an ornament to post a picture of their find on social media and tag the Downtown Albany BID (find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok).